One of my favourite moments with Shuggie in – Club Petsit Services Toronto – was the first time he scooted up to me and wanted to crawl in to my lap. I had been caring for him for about 2 and a half weeks and was trying to be as gentle as I could and giving him his space as I got to know him and he was getting to know me. I would brush him gently and give him baths, carry him around and sit with him outside. At his age and with his human being gone, I’m sure the transition was difficult. He has been my first experience in caring for a dog with a disability and is a senior to boot.

We were sitting outside on the grass on a warm day, feeling the breeze and watching the people and dogs go by, and he started to scoot himself in my direction. I just let him do his thing and watched. But he got closer and came right to me and seemed to want some cuddles so I chanced it and helped him in to my lap. He was so happy to have the connection of touch. He got comfortable and laid down and I was so touched I almost cried. He completely made my heart melt and proved to me that even an old dog can have a charming way of wrapping you around his paw.

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