For The Love Of Cats

Well, what started off as a bit of a spat on Bunz Pet Zone, ended up in a really rewarding experience of people coming together to help Bumpkin. Bumpkin is a gorgeous Calico who is about 3 years old. Her current human is going through a tough time and could’t provide her with a home (he is displaced at the moment himself). But he didn’t want to let her go. He had already taken her from someone who passed her off. He didn’t think he had options other than dumping her at a shelter (he lives about an hour from Toronto), but a kind hearted person stepped up and offered to foster her along with another cat she is currently fostering (this lovely soul is currently in school full time and working!).

Bumpkin’s human and I exchanged some mean words- I judged him harshly and he called me names, but we each didn’t realize that the other felt helpless to do anything for the kitty, but wanted badly to do so. I can’t take anymore furbabes in, even to foster as my home is at full capacity, and I don’t think he knew how to ask for help or even that he could. But when Bumpkin’s current foster offered her home, I was able to step in and help how I could. I got her vetted (seen by a vet and given all of her shots), and I arranged to have her spayed. On the date of the spay, I picked miss Bumpkin up and dropped her off at the SNYP truck (Toronto Animal Services offers amazing programs for microchipping, spaying, neutering, etc). I then did 2 food drop offs for Save Our Scruff (I recently started donating and doing some volunteer drives for them). I dropped dog food off to people at opposite ends of the city that are fostering dogs. I went to work walking my fur clients and then back to Bumpkin to pick her up post-op. October, (my rescue dog) was my faithful companion all day and oversaw all of my antics. When I picked Bumpkin up, I brought her home until her foster mom could come for her when she was done work. I made her comfortable in the bathroom and spent some time with this amazing fur babe who despite the surgery and cone, was purring away and being very affectionate. When her foster mom came to get her, we chatted and I relayed some info I was given about the spay and gave her some goodies for the kitties and sent them on their way in an uber.

What started off as a Facebook spat ended up in a collaborative effort of a few good hearts looking out for this cat. It made me feel really good to help someone else out. I don’t have a lot to give but I give what I can, which is what Bumpkin’s foster mom does too. I’m not always good at connecting with or even understanding people but through animals, I have seen some really lovely sides of people. And I have also found that through the animals, I can connect better to the humans. Good luck Bumpkin, and thank you to your foster mom and also to your human for not giving up on you! Thanks also to the city of Toronto for the parking ticket I got when picking her up, sigh.

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